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Lori Poppinga, the pastor's wife, has acquired a new job. She is a blogger reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishing, Bethany House Publishing, New Leaf Publishers, Waterbrook/Mutonomah, and NavPress Publishing House. Once her reviews are posted, the book is then placed in the church library and available for check out. Thanks to the generosity of these publishers, 50 new books were added to our shelves in 2010.

The library books have some new markings. For those of you with kids in the public school system, you are very aware of the AR Book program. You might also have heard those famous words, "I can't read that. It's not AR."
You will be pleased to know that almost all of the young adult books in our church library are AR books. They have been marked according to grade level and point values. There are many picture books and adult fiction books that are also AR.

So parents, please encourage your children to "check out" the AR books in the church library. When they have to read, isn't it nice to know they have solid, moral options.

If you have any questions regarding the AR books in the library, please ask Lori Poppinga or Anne Bosler.
You can check for more AR books @ AR Bookfinder. You simply type in the title or author of the book you are wondering about and, if it is in the AR system, it will pop up with grade level and point information. This is a great tool in finding good AR books for your children to read.

New Books

A new shipment of books has been added to the library shelves. Some of the new titles include:


  1. Take Three
  2. Take Four
  3. A Taste of Fame
  4. Bake Until Golden
  5. In the Company of Others
  6. The Apothecary's Daughter
  7. Beyond This Moment
  8. From a Distance
  9. Love's Pursuit
  10. Maid to Match
  11. Broken Angel
  12. Feeling for Bones
  13. The Lady of Milkweed Manor
  14. The Girl in the Gate House
  15. The Great Christmas Bowl
  16. Coming Home
  17. Rainsong
  18. Finder's Fee
  19. Director's Cut
  20. Who Do I Lean On?
  21. How Do I Love Thee?
  22. Washington's Lady
  23. Christmas In Mitford

Youth Fiction

  1. Hot
  2. Skinny
  3. Robot Wars: Ambush
  4. Robot Wars: Final Battle
  5. Robot Wars: Counterattack
  6. Robot Wars: Double Cross
  7. Robot Wars: Death Trap

Children's Books

  1. Saint Francis
  2. and the Nativity
  3. Collection of Gigi Books (4)
  4. We Believe in Christmas

Veggie Tales DVDs

  1. It's A Meaningful Life
  2. Pistachio: The Boy Who Woodn't


  1. Your Time-Starved Marriage
  2. Turn UP the Heat