July 8, 2018


Sunday Worship Gathering 9:30 Sunday Fellowship 10:45am

Order of Service

Call to Worship Darin Schriever

Praise Songs I’ll Fly Away

We Believe

Jesus Paid It All (O Praise the One)

Baptism Olivia & Audrey Gibson

Praise Song #410 Standing on the Promises


Message In Truth and Love, 2 John 1:1-3

Parting Song #429 They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love



Today (July 8)

Worship Service – 9:30am

Fellowship Time – 10:45am

FRED Sr – 8:00pm

This Week (July 9-14)

Shetek Freshmore Camp – July 9-14

Council of Elders – July 9, 7:00pm

TV Service – July 11, 6:00pm
(Local cable channel 12)

Summer Prayer – July 11, 7:30pm

Next Week (July 15-21)

Worship Service – July 15, 9:30am

Fellowship Time – July 15, 10:45am

Quarterly Business Meeting –
July 15, 7:00pm

Shetek Jr High Camp – July 16-21

Summer Prayer – July 18, 7:30pm

Nursery Schedule

July 8 – Sandi Stump & Louise Meyer

July 15 – Amy Stump & Selah Poppinga

Happy Anniversary

Dan & Elizabeth Nebelsick – July 12

Happy Birthday

Keith Kooiker – July 12

Elasa Poppinga – July 14


Camp Shetek This Week: Please pray for the students attending Camp Shetek this week: Daniel Schriever, Grace Feauto, Shelbie Simons, and Trista Van Wyhe. If you would like to send them an encouraging note, you may send it to: Camp Shetek, PO Box 141, Slayton, MN, 56172.

Summer Prayer: Please join us for our prayer meeting this Wednesday, July 11, at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome!

Quarterly Business Meeting Next Sunday: Our business meeting is coming up next Sunday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m. Please make plans to attend.

Pastor Jeff at Camp Shetek: Next week, July 16-21, Pastor Jeff will be teaching at Camp Shetek. He will still be available by phone or e-mail.

From Steve at Camp Shetek: I know there were some reports of evacuations around Lake Shetek so I just wanted to update you regarding the camp. We have plenty of water but all of our buildings are on high ground. There are areas around Lake Shetek that I can imagine people needed to evacuate but the camp is just fine in that regard. Rest assured, we have no concerns about evacuations here at camp, this past week or the rest of the summer for that matter. On another note, thank you for your continued prayers for this summer’s camps. We have record numbers of campers and we are aware of 35 professions of faith last week. Thank you so much and I look forward to sharing reports of the wonderful blessings of the Lord.

Thank You: ATLAS of Lyon County staff are sincerely appreciative for your commitment to collaborating with the ministry in order to touch lives for Christ, loving and serving others in His name. Working alongside those of you who so freely shared of your time, energy, smiles, kind words and prayers at Bread of Life in Rock Rapids was such a joy! We look forward to ministering with you again in this capacity in June 2019. Blessings ~ your friends at ATLAS

Sermon Outline & Discussion Questions

Title: In Truth and Love

Text:2 John 1:1-3

1.Grandpa John _____________ in _________ the local ___________ to whom he was writing. (vs 1)

a.All who _________ the _________ follow Grandpa John’s example. (vs 1)

b.The reason we _________ the _________ and thus _______ in _________ is because of the _________ that __________ in us now and forever. (vs 2)

2.Grandpa John’s greeting is in the form of a _________________ rather than a _______ or a _____________. (vs 3)

a.Grace, mercy and peace come _________ the ___________ and _________ His _______.

b.The flow of _________, _________ and _________ is from God’s goodness to man’s eternal good.

c._________ and _________ describe the realm in which we experience grace, mercy and peace.

Discussion Questions

1.What stood out to you in the service today?

2.Do you see truth and love as inseparably linked? Explain.

3.Is it possible for churches to emphasize truth over love or love over truth? How can we avoid either error?

4.Who is the Truth that abides in us? How does He abide in us?

5.How does the Lord want you to apply what you learned today? Who does the Lord want you to minister to today? This week?