February 21, 2021


Sunday Worship Gathering 9:30 Sunday Fellowship 10:45am

Order of Service


Call to Worship                                                   Pastor Mike Kurrle 


Songs                                                                      His Mercy Is More

                                                 Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)

                                                        My Worth Is Not in What I Own

Message                                                      Submission to Authority

                                                                       Romans 13:1-7

Response Song        #151 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (vss 1-4)

Call to Witness                                                                 Acts 5:27-32



Today (February 21)

  • Worship Service – 9:30am
  • Fellowship Time – 10:45am 

This Week (February 22-27)

  • TV Service – February 24, 7:00pm
     (Local cable channel 12)
  • AWANA/FRED Jr (Store Night) – February 24, 6:30pm 
  • FRED Sr – February 24, 8:00pm 

Next Week (February 28-March 6)

  • Worship Service – Feb 28, 9:30am
  • Fellowship Time – Feb 28, 10:45am
  • Transgender Book Discussion – Feb 28, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Financial Peace – March 1, 7:00pm
  • Council of Elders – Mar 1, 8:15pm
  • AWANA/FRED Jr – Mar 3, 6:30pm 
  • FRED Sr – March 3, 8:00pm
  • Game Night – March 6, 5:00pm

Happy Birthday

  • Doug Honse – February 21
  • Elsie Oedekoven – February 21
  • Troy Lee Sedam – February 22
  • Molly Oedekoven – February 24
  • Laurel Schriever – February 24


  • Kevin & Judy De Kam – Feb 21
  • Tana & Morgan Meyer – Feb 28


  • Doug & Cassie Honse – Feb 21
  • Jeremy & Cary Jager – Feb 28


Transgender Book Study: If you signed up for a copy of  the book Transgender, please pick it up in the church office. The discussion time for this book will be next Sunday, February 28, 6:30-8:30 p.m. We will discuss the entire book at this time. 

Game Night: Our annual Game Night is back! Please bring your favorite game and a snack to share and join us on Saturday, March 6, at 5:00 p.m. We will have sloppy joes and hot dogs, and play games. Invite your neighbors & friends!

Camp Shetek Registration: Camp brochures are now available on the lobby table. The church is once again offering scholarships to campers associated with Faith Baptist (through church or AWANA/FRED attendance). This year’s scholarship amount is $150 per camper. Please note: Registration is being done differently this year.  There is no registration form in the brochure. Instead, registration forms are only available online. If you would like to receive the church scholarship:

  1. Go to campshetek.com/register
  2. Click on “A Church Is Helping Me Pay”
  3. Fill out the clickable form and print it
  4. Hand in the completed form to the church office along with your check
  5. Checks should be written to the church for $150 per camper (total registration is $300, minus the $150 scholarship)
  6. Registrations are due by May 1

Financial Peace University: Blake Lyon will be facilitating this 9-week course at Faith Baptist on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m., beginning March 1. There is no class on March 15 and the final class will be on May 3. Cost depends on the length of time you sign up for the Ramsey+ feature. Three months plus class materials is $59.99. Six months plus class materials is $99.99. Twelve months plus class materials is $129.99. Sign-up information is on the lobby table. 

Child Care: Amy Lyon will be providing childcare during the FPU classes and is looking for another volunteer or two to help as needed. Contact Blake or Amy if you are able and willing to help in this manner.

Sermon Outline

Title: Submission to Authority

Text: Romans 13:1-7 

  1. When we study this passage it is essential to approach it as _________________ and not _________________. (Rom 12:1-21; Matt 6:10; Eph 2:19; Phil 3:20-21; Heb 11:13-16; 2 Pet 3:13)
  2. God is the ultimate _________________ and we show our _________ in him as we appropriately _____________ to the human
    _________________ he has sovereignly placed over us for our good. 
    1. Christians are to _____________ to one another out of reverence for Christ. (Eph 5:21) 
    2. Christians are to ___________ your leaders and _____________ to them, for they watch over your souls as those who will have to give an account. (Heb 13:17; 1 Cor 16:16) 
    3. Wives are to _____________ to their own husband as to the Lord. (Eph 5:22) 
    4. Children, __________ your parents in the Lord. (Eph 6:1) 
    5. Servants, be ______________ to your masters with all respect,
       not only to the good and gentle but also to the unjust. (1 Pet 2:18) 
    6. Let every person be ______________ to the governing authorities. (Rom 13:1-7; Titus 3:1-2; 1 Peter 2:13-17)
  3. When ____________ authority contradicts ____________ authority then we must obey _________ rather than _________. (Exodus 1:15-22; Daniel 3:8-30; 6:1-28; Acts 4:5-31; 5:17-32) 
    1. Make sure that obedience to God is the cause of your disobedience or nonsubmission to human authority. 
    2. If you must disobey human authority then do so in a way that demonstrates respect for authority, love for others, and trust in God. 
    3. If you must disobey human authority then be prepared to suffer the consequences while humbling yourself under the mighty hand of God.

Discussion Questions

  1. How was God honored today and/or how were you encouraged in the faith? 
  2. Do you think about the concept of submission negatively or positively? Explain.
  3. Can you submit to God and rebel against all human authority? Why or why not?

  4. When should we obey God rather than men?

  5. How is God leading you to respond to today’s service?